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Scotts Hill Adopts New Tax Rate in Henderson County

Scotts Hill aldermen study their agenda for the monthly board meeting on Monday, November 6th.
Photo by Steve Corlew / The Lexington Progress

Article by Steve Corlew-

The Scotts Hill City Board gave final approval to a new property tax rate for Henderson County residents on Monday, November 6th.

The board approved a rate of 0.5925 per $100 assessment. Property owners will see a slight increase in their city taxes. The equalized rate after property reappraisal would have been $0.4925 per $100 assessment. The board held a hearing on Friday, October 20th to discuss the setting of a new tax rate, however no one appeared other than city officials.

Public hearings are required if cities want to change their tax rate following a reappraisal. The city advertised the hearing as required by law, but only a few city officials attended the meeting.

Last month the board voted to hold the hearing after learning that the city’s current tax rate for Henderson County residents is…

For complete coverage, see the November 8th edition of The Lexington Progress.

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