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Church Group Paints Houses in Lexington

A West Tennessee Work Camp crew shows off their work at North Main Street in Lexington. Team members are: (from left) Kaitlyn Heath, Holly Simons, Molly Dodson, Campbell Melton, Tucker Melton, Jon Morris, Aleia Klamm, Ashley Markham, Amelia Bar, Mya Crowell, Pam Meek. Front Row, sitting (from left) Kiersten Perry, and Addison Cameron. Back center Luke Janic and Lily Marie Roberts on the ladder.
Photo by Steve Corlew / The Lexington Progress

Article by Steve Corlew-

A group from Churches of Christ around West Tennessee were busy this past week putting a fresh coat of paint on some homes in Lexington.

Since the mid-1990s the West Tennessee Work Camp has been helping homeowners, while at the same time teaching the youth about community service and responsibility.

This year about 100 workers are scattered thought the area painting homes.

We caught up with volunteers on Main Street here in Lexington. The team painted six houses from June 4th to June 8th.

Bradey Wilkes, youth minister at Broad Street Church of Christ, said the challenges the teams face ranges from sourcing food for 100 people to making sure enough paint is available.

“Almost every house will have two or three coats,” Wilkes said. Each crew will have a crew leader who has experience.

The program was paused during…

For complete coverage, see the June 14th edition of The Lexington Progress.

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