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Broadband Project Moves Forward

Lexington Electric System Manager Jeff Graves discusses the broadband project with aldermen during the board’s regular session, October 24, 2022.
Photo by: Steve Corlew / Lexington Progress

Article by Steve Corlew-

The Lexington City Board is in the process of selecting a contractor for the Lexington Electric System Broadband project.

The board met October 25th and 26th to hear the proposals from FiberRise and Stuart C. Irby. On, Thursday, October 27th they are expected to approve a contractor. Aldermen briefly discussed the project at its regular session, October 24, 2022.

Lexington Electric System Manager Jeff Graves told aldermen that both companies say they can cover our needs.

“One can do it in two years, the other in 30 months or quicker if you want it,” Graves said giving aldermen a preview of the upcoming meeting.

“Once you start this process you are going to have to have the money in the bank to fund this,” Graves also told the board.

The key will be keeping the cash available as the construction is underway. Graves added that the state will payout the grant as the city completes sections of the system.

Graves added that there was a lot involved in building the system. “There will be a lot of things being put up,” Graves said, adding that the construction will include main trunk lines, service lines, and…

For complete coverage, see the October 26th edition of The Lexington Progress.

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