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Scotts Hill’s Clayton is Lifeline’s Leading Blood Donor

Sharon Clayton has made 694 blood donations at Jackson Lifeline Blood Service.
Photo Submitted / The Lexington Progress

Article by Steve Corlew-

When most of us think about giving blood, we may do it occasionally, regularly, or even just in emergencies, but for Scotts Hill’s Sharon Clayton it has become a way of life.

Clayton has been giving blood since high school and is now expected to reach a 100 gallon milestone within four months. She is Jackson Lifeline Blood Service’s top donor.

Since 1975, up to the time of this interview, Clayton has given 88 total gallons. Clayton is a platelet donor. That is 694 donations with over 2,000 lives saved. It is estimated that she will reach the 100 gallon mark five months from now.

Clayton started giving blood when she was attending Scotts Hill High School. A teacher offered extra credit for giving blood and that is all the incentive she needed.

Giving wasn’t easy, but she was determined to get the extra credit. “When I first saw the size of the needle, I thought I would faint,” Clayton said.

She is now a double needle donor, which makes it about a two hour process. Platelets only have a five to seven day shelf life and that is one reason she gives so often.

Clayton gives platelets because she can give more often. Also, Clayton does not get…

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