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Henderson County High Schools Begin ‘Learn & Earn’ Partnership Program

Pictured are the first LEPP participants. They attend Scotts Hill High School, and are working at Falcon Plastics.
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Scotts Hill High School and Lexington High School are initiating a program to help high school seniors find employment in local businesses and industry. This partnership between the schools, business and industry offers students the opportunity, before graduation, to develop essential job skills needed for success. While other counties may call this program “leaning in” or “hands-on” learning, Henderson County has chosen to call this program, “The Learn and Earn Partnership Program” (LEPP). LEPP’s focus is to assist young men and women who are motivated to succeed, have a desire to learn and grow and who are reliable, dependable, trustworthy, and ready to go to work.

By participating in this program, students are experiencing actual work experiences – rather than simply reading about it on the page. This unique learning opportunity will allow high school seniors to attend a modified school day for academic credit, while also working in a local business or manufacturing facility.

Applications for this unique opportunity may be found on the school’s website or by talking with a school administrator. Businesses and industries who would like to partner with the high schools may get more information by sending an email to:

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