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2020 In Review

We take a look back at the interesting and different year that our community endured throughout the 2020 year.
File Photo / The Lexington Progress

Article by W. Clay Crook-

Many might have advised just to skip the review of 2020, but there has actually been a lot more to it than the COVID-19 pandemic. Review the triumphs with gladness and remember others with the tragedies as we look at the front page stories of 2020 in The Lexington Progress.

The year started out with three candidates in the Property Assessor’s race, with incumbent Gary Pope and contenders Lynn Murphy and Gregory Christopherson, and Robin Powers became the new Administrator of Elections.
The Criminal Justice Complex brought a riot under control and began a serious look at the overcrowded inmate population issue.
The Lexington Transfer Station added a glass crusher, and the first of several large storms that would plague the region hit some areas of the county. The Ayers Foundation also expanded their scholarship program at Lexington High School.

The initial site plan for a Farmer’s Market on Front Street was approved, and both Henderson and Decatur County celebrated the return home of Corporal Robbie White.
The Henderson County Commission met in earnest on the over-crowded jail and began discussions on a $40.00 wheel tax, while the temperature dropped mid-month from 70 degrees one day to snow the next. The City of Lexington struggled with a complaint on the condition of the Civic Center, with a renovation price tag coming in at over $5 million.

Scottie Kizer became the first African American Captain for the Lexington Police Department, and construction started on the long overdue Lexington Bypass.
Destruction started on the old Lexington Sale Barn buildings, a stolen safe was recovered from Beech Lake, the wheel tax was tabled, and COVID-19 makes it first appearance on the front page. Flatten the Curve…

For the complete story, see the December 30th edition of The Lexington Progress.

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