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TCAP Scores Improve, New Laws Cause Concerns

Article by Steve Corlew-

Tennessee’s third graders have faced a variety of challenges since starting school.

They were sent home from kindergarten due to covid and were in and out during the first grade. The students also missed some school in the second grade. The third grade has been their first normal year.

Now third graders and their parents are dealing with a law passed in 2021 by the Tennessee General Assemble that was intended to mitigate learning loss and strengthen Tennessee’s K-3 literacy strategy.

The new law mandates that students who fail to achieve certain goals be retained. That decision to retain is left up to the Tennessee Department of Education and not the local school boards.

The state has released its Tennessee Comprehensive Academic Program (TCAP) test results for the spring and are touting the gains it has made in the English Language Arts section. The results, however, show…

For complete coverage, see the May 31st edition of The Lexington Progress.

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