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School Board Approves, Change in Stadium Seating

The Henderson County Board of Education approved a plan to order a new set of visitor bleachers at Lexington High School, February 28th. The board originally planned on reusing the current bleachers, but due to ADA compliance and questions on the concrete pier supports, board members voted to order new bleachers.
Photo by Steve Corlew / Lexington Progress

Article by Steve Corlew-

The Henderson County Board of Education held a brief called meeting, Tuesday night, February 28th, and approved a change in the seating used for the visitor’s side of the field.

Original plans were to move the existing seating from the west side of the field to the east side and install new seating on the west side for the home crowd.

However, the board was forced to change those plans when it was discovered that the aluminum bleachers currently in use no longer met the Americans with Disabilities Act standards. It was estimated to cost $185,000 to move the old bleacher.

“Those bleachers do not meet ADA specification,” Reese Blair told the board. “They do not have three area of egress. When those bleachers were built, they were in compliance with the act.”

Blair explained different options including using the wings on the home side and putting them together to make a 1,000-seat section. The other option would be…

For complete coverage, see the March 8th edition of The Lexington Progress.

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