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Utilities Department Reminds Customer of Adjustment Policy

File Photo / Lexington Progress

Article by Steve Corlew-

The Lexington Utilities Department wants to remind customers that it does have an adjustment policy for high bills caused by water leaks.

With the week-long freeze over the Christmas holidays, customers who had pipes freeze and burst, are beginning to see high bills caused by those breaks.

The department allows one adjustment every 12 months, according to Lexington Utilities Manager Michael Harper.

If a bill is more than $100 over the average bill in the past 12 months, customers need to go by the utility department, and fill out a form. Customers also need to show that the line has been repaired to get relief on the bill.

The Lexington Utilities Department will check the water meter to make sure the leak has been repaired. “Each individual customer is responsible for their own bill,” Harper said.

“We are fixing to get hit hard (financially),” Harper warned the Lexington City board during its January meeting. “A lot of these (high bills) are rental properties and instead of tenants coming to ask us and talk to us about an adjustment, they will just move and leave a bill and it will go delinquent.” “We answered between seven and eight thousand calls and turned off over…

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