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Outdoor Truths

I get excited this time of year. The deer season is over but another season that involves deer is just around the corner. It’s the season to hunt antler sheds. If you don’t know, each year bucks shed their antlers and grow new ones. In my area they begin to drop off in February and they begin to grow them back almost immediately. During late February and into April, some of the most sought-after treasures are the antlers which are found lying along paths and in bedding areas. These make great decorations and even have a monetary value. The true pleasure, however, is just getting back out into the woods and finding these hidden jewels before the squirrels and other animals eat them up for their mineral value. In areas where large deer live, the discoveries can be impressive. Not only are these finds exciting for their immediate value, but they tell hunters just what bucks made it through last season’s gauntlet of arrows and bullets. They tell us what…

For complete coverage, see the February 1st edition of The Lexington Progress.

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