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Outdoor Truths

An arctic cold wave has swept across the country. It was short-lived, but it was brutal. My own temperatures dropped to -13 degrees with the windchill. I had no plans of hunting during this time, but I did go hang out in my barn, around my Buddy Heater, on one afternoon. The sun was out but the wind was still blowing, which kept temperatures below zero. Nevertheless, about 90 minutes before dark, 5 doe decided to feed in my rye field. They stayed about 30 minutes before making their way back to some deep hollow, away from the brunt of the wind. For me, even though I was in the barn and around my heater, I still felt every movement of wind on the areas of my body that were not completely covered with multiple layers. After all, that’s what extreme conditions do. They expose the places that have been left without proper attention. They don’t cause the places; they only expose them. The health of my faith works the same way. Normal conditions rarely cause us to give thought as to…

For complete coverage, see the December 28th edition of The Lexington Progress.

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