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Outdoor Truths

I’m not a very good deer hunter. Oh, I’ve harvested several animals over the years, and I have had my share of good days, but I’m really not very good. I scout. I plant fields. I put out cameras. I read, plan, and practice with all my weapons. I have done these things for years. In fact, I have done these things for so long, I have a good test sample. The data says this. I’m not a very good hunter. Sometimes I miss the shot or make a bad one. Sometimes I clank my bow against my stand which sends the buck into the next county. I have also been known to be holding a honeybun instead of my bow when that deer shows up. It’s true. The evidence is not in my favor. I’m not sure however, if I am able to change or if this is exactly who I am. I wonder if I might experience a lot more enjoyment, if I would just quit trying so hard to do and be something, I am unable to do or be. I wonder if I need to confess, I am just a hunter but not add another demand with it. I’m already feeling freer.

I’m being reminded right now of a conclusion I came to several years ago that transformed my life. My conclusion was this. I was not a very good Christian. Oh, I had my moments. I had some successes and some good days, but I was really not very good. I tried to continually read, pray, give, attended church, and practice other disciplines. I tried for years. But my life was one Christian miss after another – one broken promise after another – one attempt to get it right after another. And it seemed the more I tried, the…

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