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Outdoor Truths

This time of the year, my preferred hunting location is close to a heater. That means I’m either in a barn or a blind. Since I’m either rifle or muzzleloader hunting, I can give myself a little leniency when it comes to smell. Not only will I fire up my heater, but a mug of coffee sure helps knock the chill as well. Add those with a comfortable chair and my shooting sticks, and I’m pretty much able to stay as long as needed. What I can’t do anything about is my inability to see in every direction. It seems there’s always an obstacle and my chair forces me to face only one direction. So, what I try to do, is maneuver my chair up or back, and close to one side or the other, so I can have the optimal view. But as most of you know, there will be some deer sneak in from an area that I wasn’t watching or couldn’t see. It happens every time. Of course, that also goes for tree stand hunting. I don’t know how many times a deer has seemingly just appeared under my stand. I don’t know how I didn’t see it or hear it coming. But there it is, and now I’m caught with a candy bar in one hand and unable to lay it down fast enough to pick up my firearm.

I also do this every day when I’m not hunting. Since I’m an addicted note-taker and list-maker; I sit down every day and write out what I want to accomplish on that day. I have a master list that is made up of weekly to-dos, but out of that list comes my daily duties. Its where I’m setting my chair. It’s where I’m focusing my attention. It’s where I’m expecting to…

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