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Outdoor Truths

Next week I’m going on my annual trip to Missouri. I’ve been deer hunting there for years and have some wonderful friends there. My memories are many. I think about everything from the times of extreme weather (one time I hunted without a shirt) to trying to find my lost deer with a famous deer dog, that happened to be a dachshund. I can remember seeing some monster bucks just out of range and missing some within range. But no matter what the past held; I still look forward to going back each year. My present memory, however, is one of only a couple of years ago. I was a few weeks away from knee surgery to repair a torn meniscus. My memory is of constant pain, especially as I walked to and from my tree stand. Even though the walks were not long, the effort it took to make them seemed especially difficult and slow. As I made those trips each day, I was always reminded of a title to a book I saw one time. It was called “Leading With A Limp.” And while I never read that book (I probably should) I imagined a plethora of subjects the author might be trying to convey. Here’s what leading with a limp means to me.

It means every leader is imperfect. We have difficulties, inabilities, failures ,discouragements, disappointments, and…

For complete coverage, see the October 26th edition of The Lexington Progress.

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