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New Administration Takes Office, Mayor, Assessors Move

County Mayor Robbie McCready and his administrative assistant, Breia Crowe arrange the furniture in McCready’s new office. The county mayor’s office moved upstairs. Property Assessor Gary Pope will move into the former mayor’s office on the first floor.
Photo by: Steve Corlew / The Lexington Progress

Article by Steve Corlew-

As the new county administration takes office, the Mayor and Property Assessor’s offices are moving. Henderson County elected officials took office on September 1.

“This move will help our customers,” Property Assessor Gary Pope said. McCready’s office will now be on the second floor, next to the Henderson County Chancery Court offices. Pope’s office will be moving to the former county mayor’s office on the first floor.

County Mayor Robbie McCready said the moves put the Property Assessor, Register of Deeds, Trustee’s Office, and County Court Clerk all on the first floor.

“Many times, people must visit the Register of Deeds, Property Assessor and Trustee on the same day, and this will help,” McCready said.

This is the third move for Property Assessor Gary Pope. His office originally started in the…

For complete coverage, see the September 7th edition of The Lexington Progress.

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