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Outdoor Truths

A few weeks ago, I got to spend a morning deep-sea fishing. I’ve only fished the ocean a few times and each time has either been in the coastal waters or within a few miles from the shore. This time was one of those times I was about three miles from the beach. My captain’s guide service was one of the oldest there. And even though we didn’t catch a lot, I trusted him and was very comfortable with his efforts to locate fish. As all guides, he constantly watched his screen to determine our chances. What I noticed was no matter how hard the waves came and how tossed the boat was, he kept his eyes on the thing that was consistent, stable, and dependable.

Years ago, I left a position at a church to start a ministry to hunters and fishermen. During the process of leaving, I began to learn about faith. I noticed that God called men and women to do things that seemed unlikely, improbable, or impossible by the world’s standard. The examples are many. He wanted them to do His will, His way, so people would know God was at work. God’s way might be difficult or even illogical, but if His person would keep focusing on God and not the circumstances, he would live in…

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