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Outdoor Truths

I can take you to where two gobblers roost. They are in the same place about five of seven days. We have been meeting and talking several mornings since the season opened. I can describe what they look like. They have walked within 35 yards of me. They have come from behind me, beside me, and in front of me. Sometimes they came quietly and sometimes they broke through like a bull in a China shop. After a month, I can take you to where two gobblers roost.

I have hunted turkey for over 30 years, and I am a better hunter now than I was then. I have learned how to predict much of what a turkey will do. I have also learned some of the best ways to set up and some of the best ways to use calls to bring these stubborn fowls within the range of my shotgun. And while I’m not a great caller, I feel like I am above average. It looks like, after these many years, I would have perfected the art of killing a tom. But I can take you to where two gobblers roost.

What I have been reminded of during the last month is, no matter how long I hunt, I will always be unable to do the job perfectly. I will, at some time, mess up an opportunity or miss a shot I would normally make. I can be good, better, or best, but I cannot be perfect. And it just takes one snafu to prove it. That mess-up may not come for many seasons, but it will come, just as sure as I can take you to where two gobblers roost. In that same 30 plus years, I have been a Christian. I have prayed many prayers, read my Bible many times, shared the gospel in many venues, and…

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