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Outdoor Truths

I was with several other guys during my recent trip to Texas. We were all there for my Outdoor Truths Circle Event and to try our hand at downing a Rio gobbler. I look forward to this event each year. During that weekend, most hunters arrive on Friday and begin their hunt that evening. My friend John is a great host, and his ranch has provided memorable trips for both new and seasoned hunters. This year was no exception. While three toms were taken, the stories were all different. Don was first to take his bird that Friday evening. He got it done early while others came back empty-handed. Todd, however, didn’t have to wait too long. He bagged his on the next evening when a big tom came in without any problems. Mark’s success came later – on the last morning- and not without a bunch of highs and lows. And that was after the previous few days of he and Darrell (friend and fellow hunter) chasing and calling one bird after another. At the end, if we look at each trophy picture, there is something that is common. They all made it and celebrated for the other.

God was, and is, all about celebrating – especially when it comes to one’s new-found faith. Jesus frowned and scolded those who…

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