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Outdoor Truths

Another turkey season is just around the corner. Even though I’m excited about the possibilities, I’m reminded again of my distaste for the characteristics of this bird. Yes, he’s beautiful. Yes, he’s hardy. And yes, he’s a wily competitor. But his best contribution is his shining example of all that I don’t want to be and all that I detest in seeing in others as well. His pride is evident and that ought to be enough to make me want to blow his head off. But there are other problems I have with him as well. One of them is his constant concern that others think of him to be something he’s not. As the gobbler approaches a hen or even other gobblers, he begins to swell. All the feathers on his body move in a way to make him look like something he normally doesn’t look like. This is only done because “Someone may be watching and if someone is watching I have to show that I’m big, loud, large, and in charge. I have to be noticed. I have to draw attention. I have to throw names. I have to be someone I’m really not.”

I shamefully admit I used to be this way. I wanted to dress like someone else, talk like someone else, and have what someone else had. It didn’t take me long to discover it was hard enough trying to be myself opposed to trying to be…

For the complete article, see the March 16th edition of The Lexington Progress.

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