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Outdoor Truths

I was thinking about a hunt from last season. I harvested one of my best bucks. It was about 4:00 p.m. when the buck came through behind me. It was well before dark, and I was hunting with a crossbow out of a rifle stand. I did it because the stand was in a fence line that deer liked to travel. I was on the phone when he came through. I hung up, grabbed my crossbow, and placed the perfect shot. It all happened in a few seconds. To tell the story, I tell people, it just happened suddenly. Or it just happened. I have chewed on that phrase for some time, and it has always been a part of my theology. Not that “things just happen,” but just the opposite. Things don’t “just happen.” I believe that with all my heart, even though I don’t understand all the issues around it. Another way to express my belief is this. I don’t believe in coincidence or luck. I know. I know. There are so many things I can’t explain, I don’t understand, and that don’t seem significant. I truly believe, nothing just happens. I believe there is always purpose behind every event in our life. That means every problem, every person, and every…

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