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How Hunting Traditions Have Changed Today

Hunting traditions have changed over the years, but the pursuit of wild game is a traditional way of life for some.
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Article Submitted by Holly Overman-

Hunting is the pursuit of wild game, sport, and to protect conservation. It’s a traditional way of life that goes back for many generations. Even though the techniques have changed, the pursuit has stayed the same. So many other things have changed like the camo, tree stands, blinds, and how one shares stories. Even the way a hunter tags in their harvest has changed.

Throughout my childhood, I remember my brother and father coming home with a deer that they harvested from the family property in Henderson County. They would take the game they harvested to Andersons Sports Headquarters in Lexington to get it checked in and tagged. Same place you could even get your license as well. It was a good place to gather around the tailgates and swap stories about the hunt. Some still go by there to this day to show off their “trophies”.

Back in the day they learned how to do things from a family member or friend that mentored them like they once were. A well experienced hunter scouts and studies the land to gather information for their hunts. They’ll look for tracks, habitats, and markings like rubs and scrapes. Plus seeing what direction they’re going as well as what food and water sources they’re using. They’ll judge where and…

For the complete article, see the February 23rd edition of The Lexington Progress.

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