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Outdoor Truths

For about two weeks now I’ve been in a close-down, clean-up phase of hunting. The mornings have been spent behind a desk without any thoughts about the next time I’ll get to go back to the woods. There are still some tree stands and cameras I need to remove, but other than that, deer season is over. Next up is getting on the road to meet some other men and share our stories about our outdoor experiences, and life. I have never found a more natural introduction to the real issues of life than beginning from a conversation about a certain time on the water or in the woods. Sometimes it comes after a meal at a lodge or ranch. And sometimes in a boat. Sometimes the conversations involve several people and other times only two. But there’s one thing for sure. Drilling down into each other’s lives never happens in crowds. Or as my friend, Pastor Andy Stanley says, circles are better than rows. (Actually, we’re not friends, but it sounded good, and I wish we were) Anyway, what Andy is referring to is how the most effective influence and care that Christians do is not when we are in rows, like we are on Sunday, but when we gather with a small group of people. It’s when we’re just hanging out, eating, getting to know one another’s struggles, learning, praying, laughing, and…

For the complete story, see the February 9th edition of The Lexington Progress.

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