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Outdoor Truths

As the deer season comes to an end, I’m sure we all have our idea of how it went. Some will consider this the best year ever, some will call it a success, and some will bemoan its disappointment. I fear most will fall into this last category. Even though I would call this year a success, by far and away, most of my years would be considered, a disappointment. Sometimes its because of my failure or selectiveness, and sometimes it’s just because nothing around me cooperated. Each year brings its own difficulties, and sometimes those difficulties compound and make for a year where the circumstances make it hard to find any positive attribute and any reason to continue the effort. But we do. And we should, because our message to others about our love for hunting will ring more convincing during the difficult times. This is also true about our faith. To have a joyful trust in God in the middle of a dissolving world, will speak more of our God than anything we can say during the good times. Let me explain.

It was the Children of Israel who had been taken captive by the Babylonians. God had told them this would happen due to their disobedience. Even the ones who were not the cause would have to suffer with those who were. So, there they are, in the middle of Babylon. In captivity. In a country that has no use for their God. In a place where they were the minority. In circumstances where their gripes and…

For the complete article, see the January 12th edition of The Lexington Progress.

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