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Outdoor Truths

Hunters and fishermen will tell you about the importance of confidence. It is really a major part of the battle when it comes to patience and persistence. For instance, if I know I have always caught fish in a certain area; I will fish that area slower and with a greater awareness of an imminent bite. I also must have confidence in the bait I’m using. It can be the latest and greatest invention, but without my added confidence it’s most likely to find an unused section in the bottom of my tackle box. And what can I say about confidence when it comes to boredom? The two cannot survive together. One will always push the other into the corner of the boat. In hunting, confidence comes from knowing you are in the right place and that at any time you might have the opportunity for a shot. It causes you to get to the woods early, stay late, and forgo lunch. Confidence brings excitement. What we all must remember, however, about confidence is that it…

For the complete story, see the December 29th edition of The Lexington Progress.

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