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Outdoor Truths

Nearly twenty years ago I was in Alabama hunting. I went there for many years because the license was cheap, and the deer were numerous. On occasion I would hunt public property. My goal then was to simply hunt. I was so new and excited that it didn’t matter what size buck came through. If it had antlers, I wanted it. I can remember meeting another hunter one year while hunting on public property I had never hunted before. He hunted with bow only. This was rare in Alabama. But he was committed to this type of hunting regardless of what anyone else was doing or regardless of the opportunities he may miss. He pointed me to a particular area and, sure enough, the success is on my wall. What I always remember about him was that even though his method and belief was different, he helped and even celebrated mine. At the same time, I think about Roger in North Carolina who makes his own recurve bows and only hunts with them. Or I think of J.R. in Virginia who refuses to shoot a crossbow as long as he can…

For the complete story, see the December 8th edition of The Lexington Progress.

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