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Outdoor Truths

I never like to see a doe with a fawn coming toward my tree stand. Nothing ever gets by a momma that’s looking out for her young one. But here she comes. I sigh, knowing that it’s just a matter of time before she locates me with only the slightest evidence of my presence. And as soon as she makes me, she’s going to let every deer in the Tri-State area know to stay away from this location. But she’s coming. So, I wait, watch, and try not to move or even breathe, hoping these one-time things are different. So far so good. She comes under my stand with fawn in tow.

After a few minutes, she settles down and becomes more comfortable with her new surroundings. Soon, her attention moves from where she is, to who or what might be trying to join them. Every few seconds she raises up from grazing to pinpoint a new sound that has just pierced her ears. My attention has changed too. Before she came, my head was on a swivel, making sure I was not missing a deer moving through. I looked up the hill, to my left, to my right, and behind me, to…

For the complete story, see the November 17th edition of The Lexington Progress.

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