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County School Board Tours New SHHS Band Building

The Henderson County School Board met on Tuesday, October 14, 2021. After the meeting the School Board was able to tour the newly completed Scotts Hill High School Band room.
Photo by: W. Clay Crook / The Lexington Progress

Article by W. Clay Crook-

The Henderson County School Board met at Scotts Hill High School on Thursday evening, October 14, 2021. The meeting was hosted in the beautifully decorated library and Principal Beverly Ivy and staff expressed how proud they were to be able to have the director and board members at the school.

Director of Schools Steve Wilkinson said that the leadership and quality of staff at Scotts Hill has keep them in the academic forefront. He also mentioned the strength of the entire school system, which is one of the key indicators that comes under review for industrial recruitment and other opportunities. “And its just not reading, writing, and arithmetic,” Wilkinson said. “I have to commend the compassion and energy that all of our students devote to helping others.” The list of community service projects undertaken by Henderson County Schools is an impressive list, and is not just one time events, but multiple events that are undertaken each month at each of the schools.

Board member Jeff Camper mentioned that the FFA program at Scotts Hill has led the organization in fundraising activities for Humphreys County, and Wilkinson also mentioned that a teacher had been adopted and assisted in the…

For the complete article, see the October 20th edition of The Lexington Progress.

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