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Everett Horn Library Adds Much-Needed Resource

The new digital microfilm reader is now ready for use in the Tennessee Room at the Everett Horn Lexington-Henderson County Library.
Photo by: W. Clay Crook / The Lexington Progress

Article by W. Clay Crook-

The Everett Horn Lexington – Henderson County Library has added a much-needed resource to the Tennessee Room, just in time for the Bicentennial celebrations. Library Director Crystal Ozier said that a new, state of the art, digital microfilm reader is now ready for use.

There were two other manual readers, but both were obsolete and impossible to get parts for repairs. One reader would print, but not roll the film, the other would roll the film, but not print.

Assistant Director Jarrod Savage was on hand to run through the process. There are three components: the computer, a vertical screen, and the reader. Once you click the program icon, then the reader is ready for loading. It loads like traditional readers, with the load reel on the left, then running the film under the glass and threading the film into the reel on the right.

There are controls for advancing the film on the reader and on the screen, with slow advance, fast advance and rewind options. You can zoom into one article or…

For complete coverage, see the September 22nd edition of The Lexington Progress.

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