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Outdoor Truths

At six a.m., my temperature gauge read eighty degrees. The humidity was stifling. The recent weather has not been fit for man or beast and it’s showing up in the lack of success most fishermen are enduring. I was told by one friend that at one recent bass tournament, the winning weight was less than three pounds. That’s about equal to the amount of sweat lost by the one who caught the fish. My solution for this scenario is that you better learn to have fun.
Most of what we do as hunters and fishermen involves some type of tangible success for our efforts. If we hunt, we are after a certain game. If we fish, our goal is to land something in the boat that is either table or camera worthy. It’s just not that fun if we go home empty handed. This time of year, however, we had better learn how to have fun in the outdoors without these pressures. For instance…

For the complete story, see the September 1st edition of The Lexington Progress.

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