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Outdoor Truths

It’s fun to see newcomers to the hunting and fishing sports. Whether it’s an adult or youth, both bring a fresh sense of excitement that is contagious. And after a few times in the activity, they consider themselves a part of this special group. This extended family usually calls for new equipment, gear, and all the clothes and accessories that go along with this new-found identity. What’s great about this is not only have these individuals found a place to fit in, but whoever introduced them to these sports are equally excited to have them as part of their family.

One of the greatest feelings is to be wanted. Especially when a person has perhaps come from a place where they were not wanted before. As I mention this, I am thinking about the hundreds of thousands of children in America who are in Foster Care. Of those in this care, some are still wanted by their biological parents, but most are not. And not only are most not wanted by their biological parents, but they are also moved many times in their lives from place to place – undoubtedly feeling unwanted. Two of my own adult children have gone through the foster process and because of that, I…

For complete coverage, see the August 18th edition of The Lexington Progress.

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