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Outdoor Truths

I have to admit I can’t stand going too long without checking my trail cameras. This is true especially this time of year. Even though the experts tell me to leave them alone until hunting season, I know I’m probably not even going to hunt some of these spots until the November rut anyway. So, I check away. I figure any buck that has gotten spooked by my presence now, will undoubtedly be dumbstruck early in the rut by a hot doe, forgetting all traces of human activity that I left in August. So, I’ll wait a few weeks and make my way back to the camera to see if there are any surprises that might cause me to set up a stand early. This is especially helpful for me on my Kentucky property since only one buck is allowed for the whole year. I have two good eight pointers showing up right now but I’m not about to waste my only tag on one of these. They need one and maybe even two more years before they become a Kentucky trophy. For now, I will keep waiting and watching to see if a bigger deer shows up consistently or to see if I’ll just need to take my chances that a stray happens to make a visit during November or December. There have been several years when the tag I bought in September was still in my pocket in January – when the season ended. For some it was considered wasted. For me, it was…

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