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Outdoor Truths

In just a few weeks, squirrel season will open in my area. These small game are not pursued as much as they used to be. But they are fun to hunt and are especially good for taking youth and first-time hunters into the woods. I have some fond memories from my early adulthood days and from taking my son when he would have to prop the gun up on my shoulder because it was too heavy for him to hold up long enough to aim into the treetops. I still have the picture of him leaning up against a wooden fence alongside three squirrels he had managed to shoot one morning. Squirrels have a pretty simple way of not being seen. They hide. LOL. I know that sounds pretty obvious, but there’s more to it. If they see a known predator/hunter, they will simply go on the opposite side of the tree to keep from being seen. As the predator/hunter moves around the tree, so does the squirrel. It doesn’t always run away. Sometimes it keeps on doing squirrel stuff, but in a less obvious way and place. That’s why two hunters are always better than one. One can move to the other side of the tree while the other waits quietly until the squirrel reveals itself again. Let’s go hunting!

When I think of the simple move Mr. Squirrel makes to hide, I’m reminded of the choices one has when confronted with enemies and obstacles. He can run or he can keep doing squirrel stuff, but in a less obvious way and place. And while at times both are…

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