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Outdoor Truths

Something that happens to me quite often, is I wake up in a hotel and forget where I am. It may be that I’m on a hunting trip or away at a speaking gig, but I wake up and before my eyes open, my mind tells me I’m home. There’s been a few times I’ve woken up in the dark and made my way to the bathroom. In my mind, however, I’m at home, so I go down the hallway or make a left turn, or something like that. And there have been other times I have walked into a mirror or tried to grab a doorknob on a window or opened the door to the hotel hallway thinking it was the door to that bathroom. As quick as possible, I must get my wits about me, snap out of it, and realize where I am in order to make the right adjustments. I am in an area that is home to a university. Students move here from all parts of the country. They’re finding out important things like how we communicate, our customs, and what soup beans are. While they are here, they will make new friends and have new directions. And they will adapt their living because of the new place they have been transplanted. Most of them will spend a few years here while planning to either return home or to some other desirable destination. But what if they could never go back? What if that option was off the table? And what if one day, I woke up in a place that was my new home? And I could never go back. What if that happened to you? What could you do? Well, you might grumble, but what good would that do? You might long for days gone by. You might become a hermit and never associate with…

For the complete story, see the July 21st edition of The Lexington Progress.

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