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Outdoor Truths

For most of my life I have owned dogs. For several years I even sold dogs, or rather traded pups for guns. My wife preferred cash. I preferred a Ruger. But after years of doing that, I found it was much easier to care for one beast rather than two or more. When I think about those dogs, I think about how each was different from the other and how some just seemed smarter. For instance, I think my present dog is probably the smartest dog I’ve ever had, even though at times I utter “dumb dog” under my breath when he startles me with his bark. He’s a shelter mutt who has lived with us for several years. He has learned many commands and will even moan like he’s trying to talk. He loves being right in the middle of everything going on and has learned that if he hangs around long enough, some other member of my family (not me) will throw him a table scrap. So, you can imagine the obstacle he can be when people start moving to the kitchen. I know, if you’re a dog lover, you too have stories about the brilliance of your Benji. You feel like he or she can…

For the complete story, see the June 9th edition of The Lexington Progress.

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