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Outdoor Truths

Memorial Day has always symbolized more than its original purpose. It is supposed to allow us to reflect on the lives of those who died while serving in the armed forces in the United States. We would do well to both remember that and to take a moment to actually do it in some fashion. I personally do not believe this is meant to be a somber day whereby one cannot enjoy all that the long weekend has to offer; but that we remember the price that was paid which gives us the freedom to have all of this fun. I think those who died defending freedom would delight in a sense of satisfaction in knowing that Americans feel secure on this day. This day has also always marked the beginning of summer. As a youngster, this was the day the public swimming pool opened. It was a day for baseball, barbeque, and bicycles. It was the time my momma unpacked the summer clothes and packed up the winter ones. (I can still remember opening those bags of clothes as if I were getting something new) And of course, perhaps the most important marker that Memorial Day provided was knowing that school was official out for the summer. The name Memorial Day really does fit. It is a day of lots of remembrances. But because of this, we must be cautious. Over the years, monuments and markers have been built just to keep us…

For the complete article, see the June 2nd edition of The Lexington Progress.

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