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Call with Gov Lee and Speaker Sexton

Governor Bill Lee and Tennessee House Speaker Cameron Sexton spoke with Tennessee Press Association members on Tuesday afternoon, April 27, 2021.
File Photo / The Lexington Progress

Article by W. Clay Crook-

The Lexington Progress was invited to participate in a Tennessee Press Association call on Tuesday afternoon, April 27, 2021 with Tennessee Governor Bill Lee and Tennessee House Speaker Cameron Sexton.

“The news that many of our citizens receive is from our local newspapers and we want to make an effort to involve them,” Gov. Lee said. He also spoke about Tennessee’s 225th Anniversary and how it would revolve around local stories. “We want to partner with you, the local papers, to be a part of our anniversary.”

“We have had a very incredible session of the legislature, and I’m excited about a number of things,” he said. One of those was the criminal justice reform initiatives. “It will dramatically reduce recidivism,” he said and should be passed soon by the Tennessee Senate.

He also said that the state is no longer in a public health crisis and that his executive orders on COVID-19 are expiring. Executive orders will revoke the Tennessee Pledge and rural county mask mandates, he said, and businesses should operate, the way businesses should operate. He said that “Vaccinations are available, and it’s a personal choice for Tennesseans.” With those vaccinations being available, then “it is time to get back to life and living it. It’s time for our state to move forward.”

On a question about broadband, the governor said that the grants are looking for providers to make broadband access available in those areas that do not have it. Tennessee House Speaker Cameron Sexton addressed a question on gun crimes. “The problems we are having with gun violence are not coming from people who are law abiding citizens who can…

For complete coverage, see the May 5th edition of The Lexington Progress.

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