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Solid Waste Board for Henderson County Meets

The Henderson County Solid Waste Board met on Wednesday evening, February 24, 2021.
File Photo / The Lexington Progress

From the minutes-

The Solid Waste Board for Henderson County met at the Watson Center on Wednesday evening, February 24, 2021 with Henderson County Mayor Eddie Bray conducting the session. Attending were Gordon Wildridge, Richard Holland, Wanda Powers, Harold Tyler, Rodney Campbell, Dennis Sumler, Jimmy Grissom, Lee Wilkinson, Teresa Sanders, Mike McConville, and Danny Powers.

Teresa Sanders presented the Annual Progress Report to the Solid Waste Committee. The report did not include any significant changes in comparison to last year’s report. Teresa briefly explained the report to the Committee. A motion made by Dennis Sumler to approve the report, which was seconded by Richard Holland. The report was approved. Gordon Wildridge and Richard Holland requested for Mike McConville to contact the HUB in Henderson, TN regarding the plastics and recyclables collected in Henderson County.

Mayor Bray announced the recent management change in Solid Waste and informed the committee that Delaine Oswald has accepted a maintenance position with the county. Mike McConville has been named the Interim Director, and, within the upcoming months, Mayor Bray is going to ask the commission to accept his recommendation for director, assuming Mr. McConville performs as expected. Harold Tyler asked why Delaine was let go, to Mayor Bray, who listed several issues and concerns. ln addition, Mayor Bray mentioned his decision was discussed with both CTAS and the County Attorney.

Richard Holland updated the committee about the landfills. He is currently working with Civil and Environmental Consultants (CEC) out of Nashville, and the firm has recently surveyed the balefill. CEC is going to compile a report for the county which…

For the complete article, see the March 3rd edition of The Lexington Progress.

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