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Life Without Sports-the March Sadness Edition

With the COVID-19 pandemic occurring, a world without sports has become accustomed in present day life.
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As America battles the Coronavirus, much of what we have become accustomed to in our daily life is being cancelled, postponed or is much different from what we are used to. Life without sports is one of those daily things. It is so incredibly strange to millions of us to have to exist without it, but it is also so necessary at this time of pandemic. That doesn’t mean we have to like it though. We are so used to turning on our TV’s or using our electronic devices to watch any number of sports. It doesn’t matter if you are a football, baseball, soccer or tennis fan you can watch any time of the day or night. Sports junkies, like myself, and so many others are going through withdrawals right now. We would be right in the midst of one of America’s greatest sporting events, March Madness.

Instead we are experiencing March Sadness. No selection Sunday, no brackets, no miracle upsets or even that one shining moment when…

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