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GM Strike Has Impact on Adient in Lexington

File Photo By: Blake Franklin / The Lexington Progress

Article by W. Clay Crook-

The strike which has been affecting General Motors has been having subsequent effects elsewhere, including the Adient plant in Lexington, Tennessee. Justine Rae Luke, with Communications, provided the following information:

“Adient is aware of the strike affecting GM’s U.S. facilities and we continue to monitor and assess the impact of the strike on our operations. Our organization has a well-diversified customer and geographic mix with no customer segment accounting for greater than 12% of the company’s consolidated sales in FY18.”

“Some of our Lexington employees have been told not to report to work next week. However, we are monitoring the strike and will advise the team on a shiftly basis. Our Lexington facility will continue to produce some structures for GM. Adient supplies other customers in this location and the employees who work on those platforms will not be affected. Please contact GM’s Communications department for information about the strike.”

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