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May 1 Primary – Election Results


Article by Clay Crook-

Election night on May 1st came to a close by 8:08 p.m. as the last of the votes from the fifteen precincts were tallied, for a total of 5,234 votes. “I appreciate how well of our election officials performed, they did a very good job, and everything was very smooth,” said Dan Miller, Administrator of Elections. “Although we always want a large turnout, we are happy with the votes this year, which are still above the 2014 election.”

In the County Mayor’s race, Eddie Bray came in first with 1,678 votes. He will face Kenneth Thomas, who won the Democratic Primary, and two Independent candidates, Daniel Lewis and Ricky J. Gooch in the General Election on August 2nd. The eleven other candidates in the County Mayor’s race received the following totals: Thomas Ayers, 103; Jack Johnson, 291; Mary Jowers, 539; Danny Leasure, 406; Roger Loftin 788; Mack Maness Jr., 498; Susan Montgomery, 251; Allen Pearson, 54; Bruce Taylor, 15; David Watts, 318; Terry Woods, 126.

County Commission Races: (Two Elected Each)
1st District- Jeff James, 433, and David “Mike” Lefler, 387. They will face Independent Larry Don Stanfill in August.
2nd District- Tommy Page, 386, and Harold Tyler, 332. Others were: Mike Bevis, 96, and Dwayne Waddle, 148.
3rd District- Aaron Wood, 465, and Todd Beecham, 413. Dennis Hays received 345 votes.
4th District- Blake Stanfill, 331, and Shana Duke, 285. Others were Brandon McPeake, 158, and Roy Woods, 257.
5th District- Terry Allen, 278, and Wanda Powers, 256. Others were Corey Bingham, 78; Lester Brown, 64; Justin Harris, 50; Jimmy Weaver, 197.
6th District- Andy Anderson, 507 and Tim Rogers, 384. Others were Eddie Akins with 298 votes and Daniel Clark with 310.
7th District- Joe Ross won the Republican Primary with 357 votes. He will face Celia Barrow and Ryan Todd on the August ballots who are running Independents. Two of the three will be elected.

County Trustee:

John Cavness won the primary with 2,270 votes and the election, as he will be unopposed in August. Donna Darrough received 1,664 votes and Kenneth Vineyard received 983.
Brian Duke ran unopposed in the primary with 4,356 votes.

Beverly Dunaway was unopposed for General Sessions and Circuit Court Clerk and received 4,327 votes. They are both unopposed in August.

County Clerk:

Carolyn Holmes won the primary with 3,201 votes and is unopposed in August. Others were Glenn Brittain, 89; Jeff Willis, 939; and Jaclyn Hayes Wood, 684.

Doug Bartholomew received 4,571 votes in an unopposed race for Register of Deeds and is unopposed in August.

Constable Races: (One Elected Each, no opposition in August)
1st District- Max Ray Hays won with 420 votes, with Michael Danese at 72, and Jeffrey Howard Jr. at 111.
2nd District- Ronnie Holmes won with 494 votes, with Jonathan Horton at 107.
3rd District- Mike Fisher won with 472 votes, with Randy Joe Manes at 313.
4th District- Mark Simons won unopposed with 608 votes.
5th District- Chris McPeake won unopposed with 488 votes.
6th District- Jeff Griggs won unopposed with 802 votes.
7th District- Richard E. Stanfill Jr. won unopposed with 401 votes.

The August 2nd Election will feature four candidates for the Tennessee House of Representatives 72nd District, which will be vacated by Rep. Steve McDaniel.
Three of the candidates are Henderson County residents: James T. Haynes, Democrat, of Blue Goose; and two Republicans- Dan Hughes and Gordon Wildridge, both of Lexington. The other candidate on the August ballot will be Kirk Haston, Republican, of Perry County.

For this and other interesting stories, see the May 9th edition of The Lexington Progress.

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