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Ali Goodman Hears From President Trump

Ali Goodman, the daughter of Dr. Todd and Leah Goodman and a 3rd Grader at Caywood Elementary School, recently received a a letter from President Donald Trump.
Photo Submitted / The Lexington Progress

Article by W. Clay Crook-

President Donald Trump has been on the mind of many Americans this week in Henderson County, but only one young lady in Lexington has actually heard from the leader of the nation, Ali Goodman!

Ali is the daughter of Dr. Todd and Leah Goodman of Lexington and a 3rd grader at Caywood Elementary. She had written a letter to President Trump in May and she received a special reply the day before the election. “I didn’t really know if I would hear back from him, but I did and I was really, really excited!” Ali said with glee.

The return address on the letter is one of the most famous in the world, and simply reads “The White House, Washington.” She didn’t have any help writing the letter, but when asked about how she got the address she said, “I Googled it!”

“Dear Ali, Thank you for your wonderful letter. Mrs. Trump and I are inspired by your kind words and the support we received from thoughtful students like yourself across America.”

“Our Nation’s bright future relies upon your leadership, commitment, and character. Do your best each day, enjoy learning, and never, ever give up. Always remember you…

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