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Outdoor Truths

It’s July and I feel a sense of pressure. I’m thinking of food plots and practice shots. I’m thinking we are two weeks from August and August is thirty days from opening bow season in Kentucky. I’m thinking I’m not ready for this. I’m thinking no one cares if I’m ready and time doesn’t stop or even slow down for anyone, no matter what the circumstances. I’m thinking how do others do it? I’m thinking I’m wasting time thinking.

All my friends are feeling the same crunch. They are moving tree stands, setting out cameras, and scouting new locations. Acorns are beginning to form, and we should know very soon as to which trees will hold an abundance of these delicacies. That is one thing we still can’t determine with great accuracy. Yes, we can fertilize those trees, but Mother Nature still calls the shots when it comes to temperatures and amounts of precipitation. Most trees run in two to three-year cycles, but again, frost and rain amounts can throw these successions into a free-for-all. So, we scout, watch, and wait right up until the very last possible day – even until opening day, because it’s better to be late and sure than…

For complete coverage, see the July 22nd edition of The Lexington Progress.

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