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Outdoor Truths

For over eighteen years there was one day that I looked forward to more than any other when it came to rest and time off. No, it was not Saturday or Sunday. It was Monday. While others longed for the weekend and loathed the thought of Monday, I was making plans for a day of rest or recreation. It was my day off, and unless there was an emergency to tend to, I protected that day with everything I had. No phone calls, no work-related problems, just my day. My only responsibility was writing this column and emailing it, and of course doing the honey-do’s that had been planned for me. Otherwise, I was free to enjoy this day any way I chose. For those many years, most of my hunting and fishing experiences came on that day. I loved Monday because most of the other outdoorsmen were back to work, which left the outdoors to only me. I can’t remember all of the times I would listen to a radio station on a Friday morning. The DJ would be encouraging his listeners to hold on for…

For complete coverage, see the June 24th edition of The Lexington Progress.

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