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Food Plots Not Only Benefit Wildlife But Very Valuable For Pollinators as Well

Food plots can be beneficial to pollinators also, beyond being beneficial to deer, turkeys and doves.
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NASHVILLE — Food plots are not just for deer, turkeys, and doves. In fact, various food plot mixtures are as beneficial for pollinators as expensive wildflower plantings. Mixtures of certain annual and perennial plants, including various clovers and chicory, that provide large amounts of high-quality forage for deer and turkeys also provide a continuous source of nectar for pollinators from mid-April through August.

“It is widely acknowledged that important pollinators, such as monarch butterflies and honeybees, are in decline, said Stephen Thomas, TWRA Wildlife Habitat Biologist. It is important for wildlife managers to consider these species along with the game species that get the most attention. The good thing is we can do both. With just a little forethought, our food plots can provide important food resources for game and…

For complete coverage, see the June 24th edition of The Lexington Progress.

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