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Outdoor Truths

We are in uncharted territory. COVID-19 has not only affected my work life, but now my hunting life. Kentucky allowed no non-resident hunters to hunt during turkey season. I know the fish and wildlife agency was not happy either. They could have used the income. But to be honest, most fish and game agencies have been losing my money for some years now. The affordability to hunt out-of-state has become increasingly out-of-reach. In Kentucky, for example, a bear tag that was once included with your deer tag, is now $250.00. In Missouri, a turkey tag was once included with your deer tag. Today, it will cost another $224.00. And I’m not picking on Kentucky or Missouri. I could give you the same scenario in Tennessee, Virginia, Alabama, Texas and the rest of the United States. And therein lies the problem. When an agency is asked why, most will say, “Every state is doing it.” And that is supposed to end the conversation. A wildlife officer once told me; they were making more money now but with less hunters. This ought to make every single organization that is designed to increase the hunter population go bonkers.
Now, let me defend the officers who work in the field. I think most are great. Many of them I consider friends. Most of them do not get to make decisions about the cost of license. They are doing their job, mostly because they love the…

For the complete story, see the May 27th edition of The Lexington Progress.

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