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Highlight of the Week: Scotts Hill High School Lady Lions Softball

The staff of The Lexington Progress is highlighting the senior Scotts Hill High School Lady Lions softball players this week. Pictured are: (L-R) Addison Maness, Adrianne Moeller, Chloe Allen and Haley Maness.
Photos by: Jared James / The Lexington Progress

Article by Blake Franklin-

Welcome back with another highlight this week! This week, The Lexington Progress is covering the seniors from the Scotts Hill High School Lady Lions softball team. We hope that the week is treating you all well and that everyone is starting to get back in to somewhat of a normal routine….If that’s possible with sporting events not able to occur.
With that being said, lets dive right in! The senior Lady Lions players will be listed in alphabetical order, just like last week, by their first name. Let us get started.

First, we have Addison Maness. Addison is the daughter of Jon and Shelly Maness. She plays the right field position with SHHS Lady Lions Softball. Her favorite memory of her time being with the team is going to the state tournament during her freshman season.

Addison shared with us, in regards to the impact COVID-19 has had on her, “I personally don’t think my whole season should have been canceled due to COVID-19 but it is what it is and I’m fortunate enough to be able to continue playing softball in college.”

Her future plans are already set, and she will be heading to Dyersburg State Community College to play softball and then on the become a veterinarian. In being asked what advice she would like to share with her younger teammates, Addison stated, “Be serious about the game but still have fun because I was bad about being mad at myself after messing up to the point I wasn’t having fun any longer, and that’s what I wish I could go back and undo.”

Next up is Adrianne Moeller. She is the daughter of Brandon and Candi Moeller. Adrianne plays 1st Base for the Lady Lions Softball team.

Her favorite memory of Scotts Hill High School softball is going to the state tournament her freshman year, also.
Adrianne also has been impacted by COVID-19 and in sharing with us stated, “The COVID-19 has been very challenging and emotional for me not being able to play softball my senior year!” Also, in sharing with us her future plans, Adrianne told us, “I am planning on attending the University of Tennessee Martin in the fall semester and major in…

For complete coverage, see the May 6th edition of The Lexington Progress.

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