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Outdoor Truths

No matter how long you’ve been doing something, there is always a first. This truth goes for turkey hunting and it goes for me. Let me explain. I had decided at the last minute to go hunting that morning. I was about thirty minutes late but was still able to arrive before the hens flew off the roost. My lateness, however, made me guess as to where the turkeys might be. I guessed wrong. After about forty-five minutes of calling and listening I decided to move around the farm to see if I could entice a gobble from a listening tom. Finally, after another forty-five minutes I heard one in the distance. He was over two ridges and there was a lot of thick stuff between him and me. He was on the next farm over and probably making his way to a popular field. The decision I had to make was to either walk and climb directly toward the sound or to back off, drive my SUV around to the other farm, and try to get set up on him from there. I decided on the latter. The whole process took probably about thirty minutes. When I pulled at the other farm the owner was there working. I stopped and talked for a few minutes and then…

For complete coverage, see the April 22nd edition of The Lexington Progress.

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