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LHS Seniors Cope with COVID Closures


Seniors pictured (L-R): Emma Tilley, Duerell Bard, and Mary Taylor.
Photos submitted / The Lexington Progress

Article by W. Clay Crook-

School systems, students and families have tried to be flexible during the COVID-19 closures and restrictions, but for a high school senior the number of questions surrounding their future may seem endless. Grades, graduation, prom, college applications, job applications and finding ways to keep in contact while also staying apart can present a formidable challenge.

The Lexington Progress reached out to some seniors to get their first hand prospective. Emma Tilley is the daughter of Jason and Kimberly Tilley and is a senior at Lexington High School. “I’m concerned about if we will have a proper prom and graduation. This is something that our class has spent the last thirteen years looking forward to,” she said.
Emma is on the prom committee and is still hopeful about prom and graduation. “There hasn’t been an actual cancellation yet,” she said, the tinge of hope coming through as she spoke.

Emma said that she has been very fortunate with being able to complete most of her senior activities. “I’m a basketball cheerleader,” she said, “and we had just finished our season, but I really feel for those who didn’t have a chance to complete their final season.” As a member of the yearbook committee, she was also glad that the year book project had just been completed and submitted before the shutdowns.

She went on to say that the Ayers Foundation counselors had really encouraged early application for college, and she has already been accepted into Jackson State Community College in the Pre-Health Professions field. “I’m involved with dual enrollment classes and have been able to do much of that online,” said Emma.
Phones and social media have been the major way of staying in contact with friends. “But it’s awful not to be able to go out in public and see everyone face to face.”

“I still want to be able to say a proper good-bye to my friends, to underclassmen and teachers…a chance to say thanks!”

Duerell Bard, son of Shalonday Moore and Rodney Bard, is also a senior at LHS, but he also has twin 16-year-old brothers that are in their junior year. “We are all feeling a little cooped up,” he said with a laugh. Duerell has been involved with both football and baseball but suffered a major hand injury during football season. “I was really looking forward to baseball season, but we were only four games in when things shut down. I’ve missed my time to see if I would shine during my last season.”

Even the hand injury last season had a silver lining. Being out gave him some time to visit at Carson Newman and…

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