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Lexington City School Through the Years

The old Lexington City School Building presently sits unoccupied as it is set to be demolished in the upcoming future.
Photo by: W. Clay Crook / The Lexington Progress

Article by McArthur Lewis-

Several classmates of the Lexington City School 1958 eighth grade class gathered on Wednesday, March 11th, to reminisce, take a photo, and bid farewell to the school building that many spent eight years of school and a few attending Kindergarten. The school building has been designated to be demolished due to its conditions as soon as arrangements can be made. The memories of Lexington City School over the eight years are just too numerous to put in an article. There are the classmates, the teachers, Mr. Caywood, Mr. Sanders, the cafeteria workers, the events of sports, plays, parties, the Lexington community, the times, etc.; when thinking about those, to a person like me, it actually gets somewhat painful! This article is written for The Lexington Progress, so it must be limited in discussion, the following are a few things that people may enjoy.

Paul G. Caywood

It is easy to talk about Mr. Caywood of his impact on education, sports and community, etc., but not easy during the school years to understand him. Everyone has their story or stories of him. His demeanor was a man of discipline and authority. Over the years, my thoughts changed from a feeling of caution to a feeling of great respect. Without really talking about what I used to think, I will give what I think now. He was a brilliant man, a caring man, very educated, knowledgeable about many things, worked very hard, and accomplished much for education and the community. Students spoke and walked softly…

For the complete story, see the April 1st edition of The Lexington Progress.

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