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Green-to-Tee Coaching Now Allowed by TSSAA

A new rule adopted by the TSSAA now allows coaching from Green-to-Tee for golf coaches in the state of Tennessee.
Photo by: Blake Franklin / The Lexington Progress

Article by Blake Franklin-

In researching about a new proposed rule change, for Tennessee high school golf matches, I came across this article online. With a recent voting by the TSSAA, coaches are now allowed to coach their players from Green-to-Tee starting in the Fall 2020 season.

The formal proposal, which was submitted by Gallatin head coach Mickey Armstrong, states a coach (assistant or head coach) can advise from Green-to-Tee, and it is defined as the time when all players have completed a hole and before the first player tees off on the next hole. The coach may provide instruction, encouragement, and information to his/her golfer without interfering with the pace of play.

“I think based on the responses and discussion from the Board when the item was up on the agenda; many Board members commented that this is something that golf coaches have wanted for some time, and based on how many other states allow it in some form or fashion, it was time to allow it in Tennessee,” TSSAA Assistant Executive Director Matthew Gillespie said.

Tennessee was just one of four states in the nation to not allow their coaches to coach players during a golf match. Coaches were only limited to ask if their player needed…

For complete coverage, see the March 25th edition of The Lexington Progress.

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